Cottonwood was written for GTM Jam 2020 with the theme of "Out of Control"

You are a Cottonwood seedling floating on the wind.  Your goal is to get as far as possible from your mother tree before you release your last seed.   Other plants, clouds and birds can help or hinder you along your peaceful floaty life.

Known Bugs:

-Music and SFX are defaulted to off, hit ESC to access menu during game play and turn them on discovered by Benalnezrok

-Spam space bar for an alternative game play experience discovered by YeeBoye

-Pause Menu can be opened multiple times 

-Raven sprite does not properly rotate depending on direction.

-Tutorial is too slow/too fast should be manually controlled.


Space - release seed for a small push in the opposite direction, your last seed is where your seedling ends.

Esc - Bring up Menu - SFX/Music On/Off and restart, main menu or quit.

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withGIMP, Unity
Tags2D, Side Scroller, Singleplayer


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Cottonwood GMTK Jam 2020 Version _ WebGL 19 MB
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Hello! I broke you game :) 

Birb ate me while I spat my last seed then this happened. NO BIRB WILL TAKE ME ALIVE!!!

Jokes asides. The game is very calm and plays heavily on chances. I'm a bit impatient and spammed my seeds and weeeeee! I go flying off the distance. legitimate run, I got 138 meters, spamming seeds, I got 859 meters.

I think what would be cool is if there are some upgrades that increase the chances. 

Also, based on probability,t he chances of going really far away is slim.  I'd say the average is about 50 meters. Now, if we increase the odds by strengthening the winds a bit the farther we go, that would increase the average distance.

Or maybe at the first try, make the odds in the players favor to entice them to play more. then hit them with bad luck. When they get hit too much by bad luck, hit them again with some good luck to make them feel happy again.

In short, my suggestion is control the randomness. Casinos do this.  It really works. You already did a good job with the aesthetics to keep the players glued. Add in a bit of controlled random magic and your all set!

Also, congrats, I think all 5 people from the post jam rated your game :)

Really liked the music and how peaceful the game is. The interaction with the clouds was pretty creative. There's an elegance to using the limited seeds, but often it feels like the wind direction and distance is luck. Would be neat to have wind particles onscreen when the wind changes direction.

I mostly like the tutorial as it is now. The two things I would suggest are, put the obstacles on 1 page and tell players to avoid them without explaining why, so players can discover the effects on their own, and add a button to start the game on the last page.

Yo’ Templar here,
Just as fun as in the jam, you asked feedback for the tutorial, everything is crystal clear, to me at least, a question tho, can you go further than 120? RNG isn’t on my side cuz I can’t quite seem to reach, I was trying to go for 420mts but guess I’ll settle for 69.
Shenanigans aside, the music gives a very relaxing feeling which fit the game really well.

This definitely captures a relaxing feeling, the only thing Imay point out is that sometimes it feels boring to watch how  you lose progress when the wind blows against you three times in a row and you just have two seeds left.

really like the easy but nice gameplay. graphics are superb! a few wind sounds would finished this game nearly to perfection :-)